Acquisition Management

Specialize in Decision Support System Integration:

  • Joint Capabilities Integration & Development Systems (JCIDS)
  • Defense Acquisition Systems Management
  • Planning, Programming, Budgeting, & Execution Process
  • Training and doctrine development
  • Other Acquisition Management capabilities include:

  • Program Management support
  • Capture strategy support
  • Contract management support
  • Test and evaluation support
  • Registered ITAR representative
  • Parker Ostovich & Associates offers its clients a comprehensive understanding of the formal Army acquisition process, as well as rapid acquisition techniques, enabling clients to help meet the needs of soldiers at war. We guide our clients through the dynamic and often complex acquisition processes to ensure that the innovative solutions you offer will fit an existing or potential military need. We provide you with a clear grasp of the entire process—thus improving the probability of win for your product.

    We understand that dealing with the complex military acquisition process can be difficult. We work at the intersection of industry and military, like a “Rosetta stone” that translates between different objectives, languages and agendas. In this way, we create communications paths between you and the military communities addressing requirements, contracts and budgets with a sharp focus on the decision makers who can envision the need for your solutions and ultimately deploy them in the real world.